The art and the way to maintain a collector's vehicle//

Our specialised workshop restores the beauty of your valuable cars. So that you stay perfectly safe on the road and they continue to stand out.

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Renovate and maintain your classic vehicle

Bodywork and mechanics, classic cars hold no secrets for Fabrizio Bove. This authentic passionate has set up a dedicated workshop in the garage founded by his father. At Garage Bove, your jewels of the past are in good hands.

The restoration of classic cars represents a real challenge, in terms of tools, infrastructures and know-how that has become rare. Leather, electricity, mechanics, bodywork, we master each of the stages and manage them for you from A to Z.

//Give the sparkle of a Teflon ® treatment to your classic car.

This cutting-edge treatment gives your car a new shine for a long time and makes it more resistant to the impurities that tarnish it.

We apply the Teflon ® treatment in 2 steps. First, a chemical treatment prepares the paint and relaxes its pores. Then the treatment is applied deep down, directly into the paint structure, which makes it particularly resistant and durable.

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//Professional polishing and cleaning

Some stains are resistant to a conventional car wash. The polishing and cleaning carried out by Garage Bove removes the most resistant impurities and gives your car back its shine.

Bird droppings
Railway brake dust